Dera Dune Retreat welcomes you

"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The wonderful strokes of the full blown artwork of Providence are visible in every landscape and creation of the Universe; in the irresistible and perfect hues of its terrains, flora and fauna.

Dera Dune Retreat, Jamba offers an opportunity to experience this perfection in the stunning barrenness of the desert landscape where you can feel the exquisite beauty around you take over all your senses. Discover this breathtaking land in the comfort of our resort where every evening Mother Nature displays her artistic palette of pastels and burnt orange in the gorgeous sunsets before the night sky with a blanket of stars invites you to reach out to galaxies and distant worlds....and the only sounds are those of nature.

We invite you to come and experience this for yourself!!

Located between Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, well off the tourist trail in the remote Thar Desert; Dera Dune Retreat, Jamba adds a point of difference to a tour of Western Rajasthan. Named for the nearby village of Jamba, Dera Dune Retreat has 18 stylishly appointed cottages decorated in royal Rajasthan style, a swimming pool to beat the desert heat and sweeping views of the desert. One amongst just a few luxury resorts in the world situated on top of a nearly 100 foot high sand dune, Dera Dune Retreat, Jamba is approachable by 4WD vehicles only.

The village Jamba was the birth place of the founding saint of the Bishnois - Jambeshwar or Jambaji. The main temple dedicated to Jambaji is located 4 kms from the retreat and is famous for the two festivals that take place here in September/October and March/April. The desert around Jamba is home to nomadic tribes with a rich and colourful lifestyle. The unique Bishnoi people are true eco warriors of the region. They are known conservationists for whom the preservation of animal life and vegetation is a religion and has been from the early 15th century. 

Guests will also have the opportunity to visit local craftsmen and artisans in their own homes.